How to use the shoulder press to build a massive torso

The next time you are headed to gym and want to build up your shoulders and make your whole upper body stronger you should break out the shoulder press. 

One of the best shoulder exercises, the shoulder press not only targets your deltoids, but your traps, triceps, and biceps too. So it’s a great arm workout, too. You basically work your whole upper body in one single movement.

You can do this with either dumbells or a barbell. Some shoulder press machines are made too, but are much less effective. There are a variety of grips you can use on barbells or dumbells, and it’s largely a matter of personal preference. I prefer underhand grip for dumbells and an over hand grip when using a bar. 

Now let’s get into how to shoulder press.

1.Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and your knees slightly bent.

2. Bring the weight up so the weight rests near the shoulders. Have your elbows facing forward.

3. When you have the weight balanced and you are ready to lift, press the arms over your head until your arms are almost locked out. If you are using dumbells, don’t tap them together- keep your arms shoulder width apart.

4. At the top of the lift, pause for up to a second and then lower the weight again until the weight is once again at shoulder level.

5. This is one whole rep. Aim for 8-12 reps if you want to build muscle and around 3-5 if you just want pure strength.

Maintain proper form with this exercise. If you are out of alignment with a lot of weight overhead, you might as well go ahead and call a orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor. Keep your back straight to avoid serious injury. Using a mirror can help you self spot any problems you might have. Anything you can’t overcome might mean you have to strengthen other muscle groups or use less weight. 

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